What I did.

After studying visual communication in Trier, I was employed as a designer in the tableware department at Villeroy & Boch from 1986 to 2019. During this time, more than 40 of my tableware decorative designs were produced, including bestsellers such as Amazonia, French Garden and Pasadena.

What I do now.

After 33 years of working at Villeroy & Boch, I am now a freelance artist. In September 2019, I began to devote myself to my passion, realistic oil painting. Since then, I have been dealing intensively with objects from my surroundings as well as impressions from my travels.

How I do it.

In oil painting, I give new meaning to mundane everyday things, elevating them to art objects through the way they are depicted, using a blow-up effect.

Examples of my designs at Villeroy and Boch